Spring Fishing (March – May)

Spring Fishing is a time of transition for Coastal Georgia. As the days get longer and temperatures rise, abundant forage arrives in the coastal waters surrounding Saint Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, and Cumberland. With this influx of prey, the predators are on the move.

Inshore, during the Spring Fishing season, the speckled trout begin to move from their winter hides deep in the backwaters to feed and prepare for spawning season. Redfish and their Black Drum cousins tend to be more aggressive and spend their days feasting on the abundant crustaceans that abound in the waters of coastal Georgia.

Nearshore, the first of our migratory species begin to arrive. Mid-late spring brings Tripletail as well as Cobia to our coastal waters. Sight casting to floating tripletail and cruising cobia is a very exciting technique that brings big rewards this time of year. If you like to hunt your fish, this is a trip for you. Just a few miles offshore, the reefs will be holding Black Sea Bass, Weakfish, and Bull Redfish just to name a few.

The Spring months are also the time to get the kids out as the temperatures are comfortable and the whiting and small sharks provide constant action. This fishery will remain strong through mid fall.