Some people don’t understand why we get so excited when we shave a fraction of an ounce off our reels. Or increase spool rotation by a few dozen RPMs. But those people probably don’t take fishing as seriously as we do.

Every Performance Tuned rod and reel has been tricked-out to give you that extra edge on the water. It’s an edge that has helped Quantum pros like Kevin VanDam, Gary Klein, Gerald Swindle and Shaw Grigsby win big tournaments.

At Quantum, we subject our reels to a grueling series of torture tests to make sure they perform well over a lifetime of casts. We dunk reels in saltwater tanks to check corrosion protection. We run them continuously on testing machines for millions of hours each year to see what they’re made of.

No matter what kind of fish you’re after, fresh or saltwater, Quantum PT rods and reels are up for the challenge of helping you win bragging rights with your buddies.