Power Pole

Shallow water sport fishing involves a lot of spot-to-spot, stop and go, anchor up and down activity. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to spend less time starting and stopping and more time fishing? With Power-Pole™ you can! And you “catch more Fish”.

With the touch of a button, activate the quiet hydraulic action of the laboratory tested and Patented Power-Pole™ Extending up to six or eight feet below the surface of the water to penetrate the bottom using a durable composite spike. You stop quicker, quieter, and fish sooner. You “catch more fish”.

The Power-Pole™ will not only hold your boat securely in one place, but is strong enough to stop your boat even under extreme wind and current conditions. You’ll stay positioned right where you intended for as long as you want without having to worry about current, wind, or drift. With Power-Pole you are Swift. Silent. Secure.