St Augustine Fishing in Florida

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

As many of you know I lived in St. Augustine for most of my childhood and frequently run down to fish or run charters. Well this past week I was down in Saint Augustine looking for some shallow water reds and to my surprise they were everywhere!! A long time friend and fishing guide Bill Shuller and another friend Jason and I left from a spot we launch the boats from all the time. By boats I mean my 24 Pathfinder or Bills 20 Young both of which draw way to much water to fish in the different spots we fished. Anyway with a short run in the ICW we headed up a creak that widened into a vast area of small creaks and flats. We polled for about 20 minutes on the outgoing tide and were in less than 8 inches most of the time. We spooked a few loner fish and as we turned the boat around to head out we found our selves having to push our way over some areas that were to shallow to float. As I switch places with Jason on the poling platform and climbed up he said there they are. I looked and what I saw was awesome. A school of fish the size of a half acre lot was working toward the boat. We moved to the east of the fish and Bill and Jason made there first casts. The fish blew up as there baits landed in the school and both the guys were hooked up. As the fish worked past the boat I got us staked off and we landed the 2 fish. To end this store we only moved the boat about 10 feel after that and caught quite a few fish I think about 25 and as the tide moved in the fish started to break up into smaller schools and the fun was over what a day. Thanks Bill and Jason for sharing such an awesome day on the water and fishing in St Augustine Florida