Fishing Around Sea Island Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

On Thursday when I returned from a 4 hour trip I noticed that the fiddler crabs were all over the place. We have had a mild winter and the past few weeks have been in the 70’s. Since we have had flood tides for the past several days I figured I would head out and see what was going on. We ran to a well known spot that has a lot of fish on it in the warmer months. As I polled into the grass we spooked 3 fish right immediately. The were not tailing but they were there. I stoped the boat for about 5 minutes and right when I was about to start to move I saw 2 fish tailing in a pool some 75 yards from the boat. As the morning went on we ended up seeing close to 30 fish tailing. Its January who know!!

Captain Scott Owens