Georgia Redfish

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Today was 70 degree’s and winds were not to bad, maybe 10kts out of the east north east while fishing Georgia Redfish. The tide was very small so the and with not much wind the water was really clear. We left the dock at about 6:45am and arrived at a small flat at about 7:45am. I started to pole and Jim started to blind cast in front of the boat. As we got about half way down the flat we had not seen a fish which was strange because I knew that they should be right there. We kept working south and as we reached the end of the flat THE BIGGEST SCHOOL OF REDFISH either of us had ever seen (close to a foot ball field) started to work their way toward us. Long story short! Jim busted there ass we had 5 fish before 8:30am and the morning was just getting started. Man I love redfish on the fly!!!!!

Captain Scott Owens
Cumberland Island Fishing