Light Tackle in St Simons Island

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

The end of February was very exciting and we had lots of big fish on the fly and light tackle in St Simons Island. We have had 2 cold fronts move through the area in the first 2 weeks of March but now the weather is finally settling down and the fish are starting to bite We have had some serious low tides (some of the lowest I have seen) and the fish have been slightly off there normal patterns but once we find them they will eat. The really low tide make them move off into a little deeper water and they tend to be a little shy. In the last week it has been either really good or really bad as the title of the post tells. We have however been able to land several fish over 15 pounds and lots of 10++ pounders as well. they have been feeding more on the slack low and first of the incoming. Today 3/27 ws the nicest day I have fished in a long time and the fish were acting like it. First thing this morning the fish were schooled up and feeding with there backs and tails high out of the water. We watch the fish for at least an hour feeding as it was quite a sight. There were about 100 + tails and backs bobing around as the tide fell. They were happy fish and we ended up with one over 10 pounds and a few smaller. We also saw a school of black drum that some must have went 30+ pounds it was crazy. Have a look at the pics and enjoy. I will start doing reports at least 3 or 4 times a week so check back soon. Have fun and remeber be nice and make a friend on the water we all live on this little planet and life is to short to be an ass.

Captain Scott Owens
St Simons Island Fishing