Fly Fishing in Georgia with Bill

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Had a great day with Bill and his some fly fishing in Georgia. The day started out with great weather but by 2 the sea breeze was gusting to 15+ which made casting a pain.

I went to a flat I enjoy fishing and really got steamed when there was a 25ft T Top boat with 6 corks flying everywhere. I counted 20+ redfish that went in the cooler!!!! A certain charter boat captain should be shot. I cant believe a guy who makes his living off the fish and waters around here would abuse this vital resourse. Would CCA or DNR please do something about our limits on fish. 5 redfish per person x 6 or 7 hillbillies means 30 or 40 dead redfish which have never reproduced. Oh wait what about trout 15 trout x 6 or 7 hillbillies means 100 trout dead. Sounds like a lot well multiply that x 2 thats 200 fillets who in the hell is going to eat 200 fish fillets? I have seen this more than one time and am tired of it.

I have seen several schools of redfish wiped out because of overfishing. I am tired of catching small 10 to 14 inch trout! Some people blame it on the bait guys but I dont think it is just them. I have a close friend who is one of the finest fishing guides around and he kills his share of trout but he and I were talking a month or so ago and he said something that shocked me. He lets all redfish go. He said you could blind fold him and drive him to any spot of a river and with in 20 or 30 min he would be catching trout. I believe him because I have seen him do it.

but redfsih he says are a different story and they are! We need to educate these people who feel that unless they show up to the dock with a cooler full of fish they dont catch fish. Its not about oooos and ahhhhs its about the future. Please educate our youth and others who feel free to kill our kids fishing futures. At this point with all the development, bad habitat managment, and over fishing I pray that I will have a job as a guide in 5 years. Its a shame to ruin such a great fishery.