Young Angler from Atlanta Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

It was a pleasure fishing with this great young angler who tought himself how to fly fish and has been fishing fresh water rivers around the Atlanta area. Well this is a great follow up to yesterdays post where I vented on everyone but this is why. Today I fished a very young but very mature 15 year old named Davis Fraker. He was a great caster, had a great eye for seeing fish and most importantly listen to what I had to share with him. We started out fishing the grass edge on a small flat where we saw fish as soon as we started polling down the flat. What was bad was that he saw the first 2 fish before I did. Once we got settled down he caught his biggest fish ever on fly which was a 7+ pound red which he sight cast perfectly. The winds started blowing so we moved to another flat where we saw fish but got blown out by the sea breeze. Once again I moved back to the flat I saw the guy killing all the fish and guess who was on there way there as I motored up to the flat and staked off. If you guessed a 25ft killer you got it. This guy pratically raced me to the flat and then he through out his anchor 30 feet from my boat. I held my breath and moved down the flat further. We found the fish and started catching them with in 10 min. and as they started to run past my boat tward the killer I stomped my foot to run them back the other way. It worked he sat there for 3+hour and only caught 1 fish which he had to through back. We ended up with 5 or 6 fish landed and another 4 that ate and came off durring the fight. Back to the killer please get some manners dude at least when a fellow guide with a flats boat came to the flat he called me to see where he could come in with out messing us up. We all should work together on the water but dont expect any acts of kindness from me when you over kill fish and try to ancor 30 feet from boat.

Thanks Davis for the great day and I know I will see you soon.