Tarpon of the Year

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

We are now starting to get a break from mother nature on the wind trying to fish in Georgia. It has been 5 to 10 for the past 4 days and the outlook for the rest of the week is for the same. We just came off some of the biggest flood tides I have ever seen and things will soon start to settle down and the water will start to clear over the next few days. The triple tail are still all over the beaches and tarpon are hear as well. We had 13 triple tail on a hald day last week. WHAT A DAY. The trout bite is hot and will contuinue to be good at least for the next month or so. If you like screaming drags and bent rods the big spinner sharks and black tips are covered up behind the shrimp boats. As for fishing you cant catch um sitting in front of the computed so call now and lets go get-um.

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See you on the water