Fishing Fathers Day

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Well I took it easy on sunday (fathers day) this year in Georgia even know I am not a father unless you count my dog Mason who I consider my son. Anyway we spent the afternoon playing ball and fishing at the satilla and after some must needed rain well all I can say is that the river is looking much better and its alive again. Flowing slow but flowing once again. I had several bream pop the fly and got a nice large mouth to eat. The water is cleaner with less algae. The bass were pushing small bait fish onto the banks and after casting had a great eat where all I saw was mouth and lips but I missed him. I cast several time back but nothing. I worked my way down the river and didn’t have much luck so on the way back I dropped the popper back where the bass was and bam he ate it. Its great to catch a large mouth on a 4wt and the more I go the more I learn. They are easier to target than I thought. Anyway Mason got to swim and play ball and I got my biggest large mouth out of the Satilla. Enjoy