Fishing with Ben Lyons

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

As day light broke and we idled down the flat I cut the motor to start to pole when I saw the gold backs and tails of a large school of fish here in Georgia. As we got our eyes focused on the school we realized that we were looking at about 100+ tails. We tied on a tan and gold fly and presented it to the front of the school after 4 or 5 casts the fish didn’t seem to even look at it. We decided to change to a black and purple toad and on the first cast a 10 pound fish slammed the fly. I got a new 6wt TCR Sage last month and have not been able to break it in until today and did we ever break it in. We ended up with 2 more fish over 10 pounds and 5 more 8 pounds and up. We also lost 2 others after they ran off into the backing and the hook pulled. What a day we had the fishing was great and the company even better. I look forward to fishing with you guys again.