Fishing with Steve Cone

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

A great friend, client and former boat builder Steve Cone brought his 2 boys down from Wilmington NC to fish with me in Georgia. His sons James Allen 10 and Steven 13 were so fun to watch fish. Steven which is 13 years old can cast a fly with the best of adults and caught 1 nice redfish and managed to break off 2 others and have the hook putt on 3 more as the day went on. He did a great job in landing his first redfish on fly. James Allen at 10 can cast around 30 feet with an 8wt. He has a perfect cast and will soon have the strength and knowledge to be deadly on the water. He had 2 fish eat and lost both one due to the captain.(oops) This trip was the high light on my 2007 year and it reminds me that fly casting is so simple a 10 year old can do it with a little practice. This was New Years Eve.

On New Year’s Day the winds were forecast to gust to 30. We met at 8am and I was prepared to do battle with the boys and their dad. Loaded with 3 quarts of live shrimp and spinning rods we headed off into the windy morning to a small creek where we should be out of the wind. As we arrived the first rod in the water was slammed and a redfish about 17 inches fought his way to the boat. To make a long story short 10 hours went by in no time as we managed 20+ redfish and about 30 trout. What a day and what a way to start the New Year. The 2 days the boys and Steve Sr. spent with me were great fun I don’t get many kids there age fly fishing on the skiff and it really brought back memories of me and my day some 20+ years ago.

Happy New Year