Fishing with Jim

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Well last Monday Jim and I fished together as we have for the past 3 years and had a great day on the water setting Jims personal best redfish at just over 10 pounds in Georgia. On Wednesday we teamed back up and headed out. It was outgoing tide about 5 hours before low and we had great conditions. After about 45 min. Jim laid a perfect cast on a cruising school of fish and pulled a huge 12.5 pounder out of the school beating his biggest from 2 days before. This fish put Jim over 100 feet into his backing which is something redfish just don’t generally do. The fight went on for over 15 min when we finally got a good look at the huge 12.5 pounder

As the day went on we landed another fish just under 12 and I told Jim that I have never had a client catch 3 fish on fly in a half day trip. Jim caught several fish that just didn’t make it. They were 6-9 pounds but no 10s. Then it happened Jim made another perfect cast and a fish slammed the fly. After about 10 min. we landed another huge fish which weighed 11 pounds. We celebrated with a cold water and as soon as Jim stood back on the bow the fish run us over. Jim cast and another red slammed the fly. Who would have known another fish over 10!!! Jim calmly commented and said well if we are going to set new records we might as well make sure they stick a while. I smiled and agreed. After about 4 and a half hours we not only caught 5 fish over 10 pounds we also beat a record of most fish caught on fly in a half day trip. Way to go Jim!!!