Titusville Ga IFA

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Great Conditions for what we do best and thats shallow water sight fishing in Ga. Well the field was 131 teams competing on Saturday for the win. We had a great number and were let go at first light. Rob and I headed to our first stop a shallow water flat that should have lots of tailing fish on it. We scored at 6:40am we landed our first fish at 7 pounds and just an 8th of an inch short of the 27 inch limit. The morning was off to a good start we though. After a few hours we had only landed 2 other fish and both were under the slot. We decided to make a move and a short boat ride landed us just south in the river where Rob spotted a tailing fish on the edge on a sandy spot. I made a long cast and stuck a big fish which was well over the slot. We traded paces and I got on the poling platform and spotted a shallow spot with several fish working the edge. Rob cast and hooked a drag screaming trout that was as long as my leg. We were running out of time and the tide was starting back in so we ran back north and started casting at tailing fish. It was not long before we realized that this was not Georgia. Every fish we cast to spooked and headed for the hills. I took a different approach and cast a fish bites ghost jerk bait at a fish and left it out in front of him about 10 feet. the fish tracked and ate. It was a good 25 inch fish so we new we were in the money with the 2 fish we had. We only had about 40 min. of fishing left and we worked out to some deeper water and started seeing fish. I cast to what looked like a good fish just to have his big brother come out and steel the meal. The fish was to big, at 33+ inches he took a bit to land and after that one we were out of time. We had a great day on the water and caught quite a few redfish and trout. The 2 fish we weighted were good enough to place us in 10th and keep us in the lead for Team of the Year. We also won the calcutta money for biggest fish and 3rd for aggr. weight. So far Rob and I prove to be a great match and with over $26,000.00 in winnings this year alone we are going to keep fishing like there’s no tomarrow!!!