Georgia Offshore Report

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Georgia Offshore Report

Headed offshore yesterday with Rob about 30 miles to G and fished the wrecks. Lots of bait on the wrecks maybe even to much. We crushed the BIG sea bass some almost 4 pounds! The grouper were non existent an until 4pm so were the red snapper. We ended up with 1 red about 10 pounds. The Shearwaters first trip offshore was flawless and the seas were 4 to 5 at 10 seconds. It was just a big swell and we ran 30mph out and 40 back in. We stopped at F reef and caught a few more sea bass were last week we had a few nice red snapper one 12 pounds. Red got back in about 6pm after seeing 3 right whales and a beautiful sunset.

Captain Scott Owens
Cumberland Island Fishing

Right Whale offshore of F reef

The sun set looked like the sky was on fire!

Rob and His nice Snapper

Snapper face