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Fly Fishing Blog 2024


Fly fishing in Coastal Georgia offers a unique and rewarding experience. In this Fly Fishing Blog 2024 we will discuss how anglers can target a variety of species, including redfish, sea trout, and flounder, in the region’s tidal creeks, estuaries, flats, and marshes. The area’s diverse ecosystems provide excellent opportunities for sight fishing, particularly during high tide when fish move into the shallow grass flats. Popular spots include the waters around St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island. The best times for fly fishing in these backwater areas typically runs from fall through winter and into Spring when fish are more active and the weather allows for better sight fishing conditions.

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Fly fishing in coastal Georgia’s barrier island and Atlantic nearshore waters offers anglers endless opportunities. Site fishing large schools of jack crevasse with poppers from May through October will surely get the blood flowing.  You can expect these fish to range from 15 to 40 pounds and travel in large schools numbering in the hundreds. In May fishing the near shore wrecks and artificial reefs will provide opportunities at cobia, shark, jacks, king mackerel, and more.  Here you will use a vast array of techniques, flies, and equipment. Rod weights from 8-12wt and floating and sinking lines are used for these different species.

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Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Don’t be fooled! We developed the fly fishing fishery here in the Golden Isles for both redfish and tarpon among other species.  A lot of trial and error and tens of thousands of hours on the water have lead us to being the “go to” for serious anglers and novice alike.   We have put in the work and unlike current times had not social media, satellite images, and no one to copy because no one else was doing what we were.

All the guides here at Southeastern Angling follow the same rule, “innovate don’t imitate”!  We all enjoy thinking outside the box.  This is only brought up because there are a lot of people out there now who copy other fishermen and guides and to us it’s theft.  It’s called fishing for a reason.  Go explore and learn, find something you can call your own and when you do you will enjoy it more and want to protect it  that much more.  You will learn why guides with tens of thousands of hours protect what they have found over the years.

The good stuff.

Recently Captain Scott Owens was honored to be asked by BTT (Bonefish and Tarpon Trust), anglers, and local shops speak about Georgia Tarpon at two different events here in Coastal Georgia.  One in his home waters of St. Simons Island hosted by Halyards Restaurant and the other in Savannah at the prestigious fly shop Rivers and Glenn.  He was joined in Savannah by fellow guide and friend Captain Scott Dykes where the 2 talked proper fish fighting, handling, and release techniques and well as preferred equipment flies and both shared some really good knowledge of the local area.

Both events were meant to bring awareness on several fronts.  Conservation was the ultimate goal of both evens although there was a larger presence of guides and locals at the event in Savannah.  St Simons seemed to have more of a world traveler audience where people asked questions about tarpon not only in Georgia but all around the world.  Savannah seemed to be more of a local Q&A and “how do I” group where some guides drove over an hour to take advantage of BTT knowledge and the information shared by 2 seasoned guides at the event.

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Captain Scott Owens Fly Fishing Blog 2024

Fly Fishing for the Silver King

Anglers and guides can be met with a lot of different fishing conditions and utilize many different techniques while fly fishing for Tarpon in Coastal Georgia. Site fishing for laid up fish, fishing the bait pods, or sight casting fish swimming down the beaches are all possibilities.  While 10wt through 12wt setups are used we find a 12wt to be the go to for many reasons.

First we fish waters from 2 to 25ft and I lot of places we fish the water can go from 5 to 25ft or deeper pretty fast and we like the power of a 12wt.  We use Scientific Anglers fly lines and leaders while both floating lines and clear sink tip lines have a time and place.  Flies very but we fish dominantly bait fish patterns with 2/0-5/0 hooks.  These patterns mimic the abundant menhaden and mullet in the area.

Fish are on the larger side, averaging 80-140 pounds and in the 170-180+ inch range are caught yearly. We do not have a juvenile tarpon fishery here in Coastal Georgia but an occasional 30lb fish shows up on the end of the fly line on occasion.

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Best Months

Our tarpon season runs from early June through late Sep. although fish are caught earlier and later than that some seasons. Tarpon done know months or days of the week they know daylight and water temp.  We do book out several months in advance so don’t wait to book.