St. Simons Island Fishing Report 05/14/2024

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St. Simons Island – Jekyll Island – Sea Island Fishing Report

Let’s get down to business!! It’s hot already and water temps reflect that already with temps in the low to mid 80’s.  It’s that time of year when every day there is a surprise and boy have we already gotten some good ones. Lets talk about this St. Simons Island Fishing Report


It’s been a roller coaster with all this rain, wind, and tides. Last week we had a new moon and that didn’t help with water clarity.  We know these “king” tides are detrimental to the health of our estuary but it makes it tough sometimes. We have been lucky and consistently stayed on fish and had some really great days when honestly I didn’t think we would.  I personally have had some big numbers of trout with some really nice quality fish.  Capt. Rob had a nice 27 inch fish 2 days ago and I had several the day before in the 22-26 inch range.  Redfish and trout have begun to show back up in numbers around St. Simons and Jekyll Island and we can only attribute this to the removal of the Golden Ray from the St. Simons Sound.

Flats fishing has improved around the area as well. It’s been nice not having to trailer or run my skiff an hour or more to fish waters with decent schools of reds.  Mentally its been even better on me.  I tell my clients I love to fish but never get to anymore and that I live through them and their smiles while catching.  It’s the truth just ask my wife and the bottle of bourbon that sits on my counter.

St Simons Island Fishing Report St Simons Island Fishing Report 2024
Jekyll Island fishing report
Near Shore

Personally I have a love-hate relationship with our nearshore trips. You see I grew up on the flats, bays, and inshore waters. It’s no secret if I could make a living just out of my 18ft skiff I would. I did this for many years while being the only guide in the Golden Island offering shallow water skiff trips.  Those days have come and gone and the once quiet flats now are poled by other guides and recreational anglers.

You see unlike the old days where anglers asked other anglers and shops who to hire now we have the internet. No matter how long or good of a guide someone is with the internet these days people have an abundance of choices.  As guides we can only hope people do their research.  Now that the shallow water business is “deluded” It’s hard for one to make their living with a family by just pushing a boat so I and our company offer an abundance of traps.

Enough Talk

Now that I’ve talked me lets talk about the most important thing, our clients!  We have an incredible fishery just a few miles off the Coastal Georgia. With an abundance of artificial reefs fishing has seemed to improve over the years and the different species we catch has also increased.  Just a short run into the mighty Atlantic this time of year you can expect to catch a multitude of species.

These include Cobia, Jacks, Snapper, Triggerfish, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Grouper, and more.  See that’s where the “love-hate” comes in.  The fishing is awesome or should I say “the catching” is awesome. You never know what going to swim by the boat.  On May 9th we caught more big Red Drum (Bull Reds) than my clients could handle.  They both in a flurry of every drop stopped and said we need a break.  You see I love the action. I personally love exploring and fishing but when someone hires me to catch fish by god that’s what I want to do for them.  A Couple days before that we had over 20 trigger fish, a dozen mangrove snapper, and to many sea bass, and red snapper then we could keep track of. I mean who doesn’t love non stop action!

st Simons Island fishing report
Jekyll Island fishing report
Early Summer

It’s just a great time of year to be fishing the Golden Isles.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner with your family, a solo pro, on Jekyll Island, Sea Island or St. Simons Island we have you covered.  Love that topwater bite at daylight or watching a cork go down we love it too.  Fly Fishing? Don’t even get me started there

New addition to the Charter Family

We hope everyone welcomes Tiffany, Sissy, Ryker, Augy to the Southeastern Angling Family. Captain Robert and Tiffany we’re married on April 13, 2024!