Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024

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Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024

The weather as always this time of year has been a roller coaster. 2024 is no different than 2020 in that aspect with the exception of that one thing. We are not all hiding in our houses being told to stay away from people, family, and friends.  Travel over the 2024 spring break holiday has been wide-open. I know this because I have had to travel on Interstate I-95 a few times and it has been jampacked. Easter is Sunday and I’m looking forward to a day with extended family.  It’s always nice to have a break and watch kids who have not been exposed to the worries of the world laugh and smile and chase each other around while trying to find a small egg with a prize inside. Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024

The Good Stuff

Easter also means summer is just right around the corner glass minnows, finger mullet, and shrimp fill are estuaries as water temperatures warm past 65°. The action heats up, early mornings become some of my favorite times to fish. Picture this, the sun is just starting over the horisont. You’re listening to the clack-clack-clack clack clack noise the Topwater lure you are throwing makes as you work it back-and-forth through the flooded grass around high tide.  All of a sudden there is an explosion and your rod doubles over! A big speckled trout who though he was getting breakfast has found purchase on the other end of your line.  Smiles emerge and the morning in my mind is picture perfect.

This is one of the things I love about spring.  he fish are hungry and the bites are aggressive.  The all equals to a great day on the water and happy clients on the bow.

Sunrise in the Golden Isles

Sunrise in the Golden Isles

Making it come together.

Throwing top water plug is not necessarily for every fishing charter.  Generally these types of guided trips are for a more seasoned angler.  No always thought and we like to keep these day light trips to a max of 2 anglers.  This ensures safety and also allows both anglers the opportunity to fish at the same time.  If there are 3 or 4 anglers 1 or 2 will have to sit while the others fish and wait their turn.  This just isn’t ideal generally.

Are you a beginner or newer saltwater fishing and this sound something like you might want to do? Don’t let my previous comments deter you just know you will have to be patient and careful while casting and working the lures.   Working topwater lures is a “rub your belly pat your head” type of situation.  While casting a lure with treble hooks can possibly be dangerous for the beginner who are not aware of their surrounding and have trouble paying attention.

Shallow Water fun!

When the winds have been light and the sun bright the shallow water fishing has been on fire.  Keith a long time client managed to hook 17 fish on fly in a short 5 hour trip one morning. Keith is a master with the fly rod and he and I have had many 20+ fish days but not in many years.

Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024 St Simons Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024
Schools In

It’s been really nice seeing some schools of fish on the fats. Since the Golden Ray sank it got really bad in St. Simons.  Every year it lay being salvaged there were less and less fish in our estuary.  Since it’s removal over a year ago there has been a tiny flicker of hope that our sound is slowly recovering. I’m sure it will take decades as the majority of pollution was put into the water.

It’s been a relief to see it gone but the tragic Baltimore accident has brought back really bad memories of what we went through and I am praying for the people that were involved and their waterways. Such a tragedy.

Nearshore Reef Fishing

Spring not only is a great time to fishing inshore and in the back waters of the Golden Isles.  The nearshore bottom fishing on the wrecks and artificial reefs is spectacular.  Fishing anywhere from 8 to 20 miles out you will find Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Cobia, Sheepshead, Bull Reds, Weakfish, Triggerfish, and so much more.

The Bait of choice is small crabs and Shrimp most of the time but we also love jigging with Metal jags known as diamond jags.  These jigs produce the “quality over quantity” most of the time and provide a workout in the mean time.

Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024 Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024

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Jekyll Island Georgia Spring Fishing Report 2024

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