Garmin inReach mini In-depth review

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An in-depth review on Garmin’s InReach Mini and Earthmate app. See the full potential of the Garmin inReach Mini using the Garmin app. Find your best deals on Garmin InReach Mini at and shop my top picks….Everything from rods and reels to Marine electronics!

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Hey everybody this is Captain Scott Owens from Southeastern Angling. I’ve been promising people “How To” videos, product reviews, and tips and trick.  I’m gonna make it happen this year this is going to be 2020 the year the Southeastern Angling and myself take on YouTube. We have got a YouTube channel that has been up for a while and would love it if you’d subscribe. I’m going to do a product review today on the Garmin inReach mini. Rob and I have both picked these up for the boats. They’re a safety device that allow you to call for help if something was to happen. They’ve got an SOS buttons on them for extreme emergencies as well. You can also text through these if you’re out of cell phone service. They allow you to do a lot of things for safty. There was a ton of reviews online about this and most of them. All of them were really good the problem I was having was deciding on what type of inReach I wanted and most of them have larger screens or all of them that I know ofhave larger screens than the inReach mini.  There’s a lot of videos on the pros and the cons but there wasn’t a lot of videos on how this thing actuallyfunctioned with your tablet or your smartphone. It is absolutely a lifesaver in many different ways. 

How it works

I’m gonna power this thing up. I’m gonna pull the app up on the TV here in a minute and show you how it works. Its just things happen, we all know that accidents happen. We’ve got a 700-foot cargo ship flipped over in St. Simons sound. You know electronics fail. you have electrical issues on boats, stuff like that. If you’re 80 miles offshore and your GPS goes out and you have got a compass if you don’t understand set and drift and all that good stuff and you don’t have maps yeah you can run back west from where we are but you might end up in Jacksonville or north of Darien or Savannah depends on how far you are off shore with the current the wind and anything else so what I want to talk

about now is how this thing benefits you. 

In that aspect I’m going to open up the app on the iPad we’re going to stream everything from the iPad here to the TV so it’s easier for you guys to see. The App is called Earth Mate. On this thing you can do every kind of mapping that you can think of for the most part. You’ve got Topo North America, OpenStreetMap, pub, you’ve got US Coast Guard quad sheets, color aerial images, Digital atlas of the earth, and then you’ve got NOAA Harbor charts, coastal charts, general charts, and offshore charts. If you can’t see those

on the bottom right now we’re looking at a topo map. It in Idaho somewhere I believe and you can see here as we zoom in you can see all these individual lines on here if you track these lines or follow these lines you’ll find elevations on these and then you can follow them and note so here is 3500 feet 30,000 feet 3,750 feet. This is not really what I use it for as it doesn’t do anything for us on the coast.  It’s flat here, people that hunt know how important this is you can learn a lot by looking at the top map

on how animals are going to travel and everything else but I’m gonna squeeze back over here to the coast. Here we are at my house.  You’ve got the interstate on there we’re gonna turn off topo in mapping turn on open streets. Alright and you can use this thing to navigate if you’re in an area where there’s no cell phone service and you’re traveling say out west again.  There’s no service out there in a lot of places but what I love about this is going to be coastal inshore general and offshore charts. 

We’re gonna scroll out now and look at the water with this and you’re gonna see as you look at things quite cheese and open streets all right so when we go into this this is Noah squad sheets this is a pretty crazy setup here Coast Guard quad sheets very detailed view of the bottom okay tells you a lot about an area if you’re looking for drop-offs and whatnot but really don’t I don’t personally use those a lot if you’re offshore and you need to get home this is what’s important you’ve got your NOAA charts on here all right I do want to let everybody know that I have this hooked up through Wi-Fi oops sorry about that you can see the signal up here in the corner the Garmin reach would have to be outside for this to work and I’m sitting in the garage but if you’re traveling you’re fishing you’re camping you’re doing anything you’ll notice that there are certain areas where say you don’t have a lot of detail my favorite view of all of course is going to be my color aerials these are satellite images of an area you can actually see here this is the mouth of Christmas Creek here on Cumberland Island you can actually see the sandbar how shallow it is now it goes all the way around very difficult to get in and out of there now if it’s not high tide but you can learn a lot by looking at satellite maps now Garmin is not as detailed as some of the Navionics chips and former Marine charts and stuff like that there are areas where it’s more detailed than not but if you really zoom in you’ll see it kind of gets more like a painted picture instead of instead of a fine detail of the marsh the zoom out looks extremely good it’s just really really close in it doesn’t look as good alright so we’re going to move on from maps other things you can do with the inReach you can actually send text messages and you can do it just like you’re typing off of your phone there’s no searching through the inReach to get the you know hit the button 17 times to get to a B and then three to get to a nine and whatnot you uh you can type on here just like anything else we’re gonna delete that sometime I spelt hope you know it’s kind of funny one of my favorite lures but you can send messages tracking is really cool this will set up a track of where you’re going and you can do 10-minute tracks where it’s going to put you are it’s gonna drop a pin on a map and show you every ten minutes if somebody wants to watch where you’re going you have a full-on compass on here you can see as I’m moving the iPad it gives direction that’s really important if you don’t have a compass if you’re out you’ve got your waypoints on here I’ve created this I actually did this December 8 2009 teen it’s the cane patch campsite and then it’s got a map at the bottom so this thing can be used for a lot of different things the routing on it is kind of neat you can plan routes and everything it will tell you history it’s going to show you your test messages and whatnot and then on here you can actually do whether it’s going to give you a basic forecast on here if you want premium it’s gonna cost you more that leads me to tell you guys there are monthly subscriptions for the inReach products the neat thing about the inReach products is you can actually turn these things on and off I went with a yearly subscription I think it’s twelve bucks a month because if I decide tomorrow I’m gonna go offshore I don’t wanna have to jump online and try to turn this thing on and hope it works I want my clients and myself to be safe it’s very important to me so I went ahead and did the yearly subscription the other thing to note is that please understand it’s not waterproof don’t put this thing on the boat and then just hose it to death it will probably fail we’re gonna go over to garments website now and we’ll look at some specs it’s a stand by and let’s see all right we’re at Garmin’s website and you can see on barman’s website here this unit retails for three 49.99 it does come in black and orange I’ve got the orange one and then I put a silicone cover on it for protection thought maybe it would help for the water resistance aspect of it but I don’t plan on submerging it if we go over to specs you’re gonna see on here this is the information I was telling you earlier it’s 2 inches by 4 inches by an inch roughly the display size is less than an inch by an inch but it’s extremely bright it’s sunlight-readable it only weighs three and a half ounces it’s very very light really cool to put on a pack or wherever you need to put it battery life on the thing I think if you turn it on is around four days it’s got 90 hours of 10-minute tracking default 35 hours if you’re doing one second tracking in 24 days at 30 minute tracking on the Power Save mode and up to one year when powered off it does not have an external battery it is an internal lithium ion battery so you can’t carry extra batteries that’s why I’m carrying the twenty thousand million rechargeable power block it is ipx7 that’s what I was thinking so that’s rain snow splashes that is not water proof or even water resistant everything else on here is pretty standard I do want to note that you can pick this thing up for around two hundred and seventy dollars on my amazon store and you can be in this thing with this accessory or with these three accessories I’ve got a glass screen protector a silicone case and the velcro mount for under the 349 they have on the website from my Amazon store and we can talk more about this if you guys have any questions about the garment and reach many please send me a message comment below thanks for bearing with me it’s been a while since I’ve done a video I hope you enjoyed the product review on the garment and reach mini if you have any questions or comments again please let us know I know I can do a better job on these videos in the meantime please subscribe to our page follow us on Instagram at southeastern underscore angling and visit our Amazon shopping page that links in the bio or the description below alright everybody welcome to 20/20 everybody I hope you have a great year.