Red Fish – Blue Skies in Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Red fish, black drum, and blue skies that is. Steve Cone generally spends his days fishing with his two sons Steven Jr. and James Allen. He gives advice to the boys while taking pictures and video all from the back of the skiff. Well Thursday was a different story! Having watched both his sons catch redfish on fly, Steve himself had never caught one himself. All that was about to change. Steve arrived at the dock with Frank at 8am. It was 28 degree’s and even know it was only 2 degree’s warmer than the day before the skies were clear and the wind was calm. Our first stop proved to be a good one. As we approached the flat we could see the fish pushing along the bank. We tied on a small shrimp pattern and moved in. The fish charged the boat and as Frank started his cast they spooked. We stopped and waited for the fish to move back toward us. They were rising like rolling tarpon eating tiny fish off the surface. We moved into position and the fish headed back our way. This time Frank made a long cast far in front of the fish. One ate and Frank set the hook. As fast as the rod bent it unbent and the fish was gone. We poled the flat for another half hour and ended up catching 2 fish. One happened to be Steve’s 1st redfish on fly. We celebrated and headed to our second spot.
With the sun at our back we started to push the boat onto the flat when a big fish appeared at 3 o’clock. Frank cast and the fish rushed toward the fly and ate. It was a robust fish at about 9 pounds. We released him and as Steve took the bow a huge school of fish 20 feet wide and 5 to 10 fish deep came at the boat. Steve made a perfect cast laying the fly just ahead of the 1st fish. It ate and took off in the opposite direction taking the rest of the school it. As we approached backing on the spool we knew we had a strong fish. As the backing ran through the guides the fish turned and charge back at the boat. Steve kept up with him and after running under the boat we landed her. She was a stout girl about 8 pounds and just mean!

The rest of the day went on about the same and we caught fish after fish including some very impressive black drum to over 12 pounds. The fish were all so great and left us with a day to remember for a life time! It wasn’t just catching that day that made it so great it was the eats, tails, fights, and great friends.

Captain Scott Owens
St Simons Island Fishing