Sight Fishing in Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Well as water temps fall to 43 degrees fishing couldn’t be BETTER. If you like to sight fish NOW is time to be on the water. With water clarity as clear as a summer time swimming pool it is on. Huge schools of redfish, black drum and the occasional trout lined up to eat anything that is dropper in front of them all that is needed is you! Saturday I got a last minute fly fishing trip. Rod called Friday to book a Saturday trip. Weather was perfect no wind, blue skies, and happy fish. We got to our first stop. As I moved the boat onto the flat the fish appeared. They appeared by the HUNDREDS Rod cast and was hooked up right off. He fought to bring the fish out of the school of now fleeing fish. As the fish neared the boat the fly pulled. It turns out the hook bent and looked like a cork screw. We retired and moved in. Rod cast to a school of 40 to 60 fish coming by the boat and we watch the fish chase down the fly and eat it. We continued to catch fish until we were ready to head in. We ended up with around a dozen fish on fly which is just a great day. Great job Rod I hope you have the same luck in the Bahama’s.