Wednesday – Sunday was on Fire

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Fishing has gotten better with every passing day. Waters are starting to turn slightly salty. I always enjoy fishing with John Aldridge. He is my closest friends Robs father. Rob has ventured into the guiding business and he and I fish tournaments together and any chance I get to fish with his dad I take. It’s a constant laugh and a great time. Wednesday was no different. He drove down from N.C. that morning and we headed out for some triple tail action. We saw lots of fish but could not make it happen so we headed back inshore for look for some redfish. It wasn’t long and we scored! I don’t know how many we caught I lost count at 13 or 14 but it was a lot. They were all big fish and I even got to go back to my roots and hand line one in that had broke off and then gotten tangled in the other lines. It was great. We talked about our keys trip over Christmas and were planning to go again. We also talked cars as Robs dad love his cars especially 442’s. He has a passion for then and has a triple black 442 W30 that will make you want to be a kid again. It was a great time.

Thursday was back to fly fishing. The water was starting to flood so we went after some tailing fish in the grass. Mark had 6 fish eat landing 5. All the fish were in the 7 to 10 pound range and as the sun set we enjoyed a slow ride back to the dock with a cold beverage in hand. The fish were slamming crabs and shrimp in the skinniest of water and the glass minnows well, they are by the millions on the edge f the grass. As the water turned to start out the fish moved in and were going air born eating them as the showered the surface. We cast several fly’s at them with no luck and my take is that its like trying to with the lotto with one ticket. There was just to much bait.

Friday I fished in St. Augustine. It was fun. I has 2 guys from Europe and 2 from Scotland. Non of which I could understand. Fishing was a new thing to them as they were all big golfers but the coast caught their attention so they though they would give it a try. We started out at the jetties and without any luck moved inshore to catch a few trout and several jacks and blue fish. Our day ended when a guy in a stump knocker pulled in next to us and caught 2 upper slot redfish after we had fish there for 30 min. with not a bite. They were great and I hope to see then again next time maybe they will listen and apply some sunscreen. Hope that the burns dont hurt to bad guys!

Saturday and Sunday were both very productive days. Saturday was slow in the morning but the 20+ redfish and over 60 trout we caught in the afternoon we could not complain. The trout were one after the other for about 2 hours and the redfish about the same for an hour. We had several black drum as well. Sunday the wind blew and we could not make it to where we fished on Saturday. We fished hard and it paid off. We had like 10 trout over 2 pounds and a few over 4 again. The bite wasn’t like Saturday but the quality was so much better. I stayed so busy that I didn’t take but just a few pics so enjoy them.

Capt. Scott