Inshore and Near Shore fishing report 2018

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Inshore and Near Shore fishing report for Fall and Winter.
If you were lucky enough to experience the near shore and inshore fishing this past summer, consider yourself lucky!  2018 was one of best seasons for weather and fishing we have seen in a long time, and as the season closes it continues to roll on.  October and November provided anglers with exceptional inshore fishing for trout and redfish.  Warm weather and water temps kept the bite hot and catching 50,75, and even 100 trout and redfish a trip, was not uncommon.   Near shore, the action was great as well, with the big redfish we call bull reds in abundance as they invaded our coastal waters for their annual spawning time.  
Now we are moving on into the winter months. November just brought us the first nights of frost. This will have Inshore fish on the move to their winter homes before water temperatures really start dropping below the mid 50’s.  However, don’t let this deter you from getting out on the water and fishing. As waters cool the bite continues and in some instances it can be amazing.  As redfish school up on shallow flats and creeks, trout do almost the exact opposite moving into creeks that provide deep holes and some sort of steady food through winter.  The trick to catching them is knowing where these spots are and what tide to fish them on. This is where a local full time guide will come into play.  Spending hundreds of days a year on the water keeps us in the know and keeping our clients on fish is a must. 
Nearshore fishing on the local reefs that litter the coast heats up in winter months as well.  Migratory fish such as weakfish and blue fishing move into the area while indigenous fish such as black sea bass, American red snapper, bull reds, and sand tiger sharks up to 9ft find structure, safety, and a steady source of food around these man made structures.  If catching is a must, these trips on nice days when the ocean is calm can be some of the most productive trips winter can offer.  
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