Great Day with Bad Weather

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Saturday – 6 guys – 2 boats

Well even with tides at 8.7 feet and north west winds at 15 to 25 kts Andy Olson his day and 4 other friends who drove all night from Kentucky (about 12 hour) were excited to get out on the water and do some serious fishing. The 2 captains (myself and Capt. Rob) on the other hand were looking at brown muddy water from the winds and tide and trees swaying in the wind trying to figure out a plan to put these guys on some fish. See the pressure was on because Andy and the guys had a boys trip planned to Alabama for some offshore fishing in the gulf when the captain called them 2 days before and canceled do to weather. Andy scrambled and starting looking for other places to go when he came across my website and called. I looked at the weather and on Thursday it called for sunny sky’s temp around 70 and wind 10kts from the NW. I told Andy to come on and that I would make sure they had a great time and we caught lots of fish.
Now standing on the dock Sunday morning with the temp at 55 and winds at 20kts I was thinking to myself that I may have stuck my foot in my mouth and for good reason. After driving 12 hours to promises of lots of fish and good weather Andy was standing in front of me ready to go. To make matters worse as Capt. Rob went to get on plain his engine quite. After a minute or two I loaded all 6 guys on the boat and we were off.

At the first spot fishing started out strong and after an hour of catching trout non stop I started to feel relief of the pressure of real bad conditions. Then the phone rang and I hear I got it running and I’m on the way. Rob had a water problem and after draining the fuel/water separator he was good. He showed up and We unloaded 3 guys to his boat. It was amazing 6 guys casting corks and no tangles or problems.

We moved around until about an hour before low tide when fishing slowed. We had gone through 4 quarts of bait and caught well over 150 trout between the 2 boats. I told the guys it was time to go catch some big redfish and they were ready. We headed off the beach where conditions were ok because the island was blocking most of the NW wind near shore. I moved around looking for a school of fish on the Humminbird side imaging. As I headed for a drop off I saw what looked like a good school of fish……
I circled and got the anchor out. As I got the rods out one got slammed and we missed the fish. I re-baited and cast. Before the 5oz weight hit the bottom I felt a solid strike. I handed the rod to Andy and he waited but nothing so he put it in the holder and before he took his hand off it the rod doubled over and the drag screamed.
The Rest of the day????? Well lets just say we smoked them. smile

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