St Simons Island Georgia Fishing is?????? Freekin Awesome Right Now

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

I find myself scratching my head???

Its always October and November that I find myself sitting at the house scratching my head trying to figure out why I’m not fishing. You see this is prime time trout and redfish fishing and days of 100 + trout are as common as gas at a gas station. I tell my clients who fish with me on a regular basis that it just stumps me as to why people who love to catch fish will wait until the dead of summer when the fishing is good but not great and the weather is hot and almost not tolerable by most people to come and go fish. I tell everyone I talk to about how good the trout fishing is right now and most just cant believe it because they just have never caught fish like this. Don’t get me wrong its not everywhere you stop you will get on them every cast but that is why most people hire a full time guide. See we know patterns and stay on fish. One day you may catch 60 at one spot but the next not another fish and that is why we don’t put all out eggs in one basket. Most full time guide understand things such as tide, water quality, wind, and know how to add up all those equations to know which spots to fish that day. See one spot may be going off on a north west wind while you may not catch a fish there on a south wind. Remember when you hire a guide you hare more than just a boat.

Tight Lines
Capt. Scott Owens

Remember no matter where your fishing hire a full time guide. You wouldn’t hire your accountant to do a root canal.

In these photos Chris Peterson owner of Hells Bay Boat works and Frank Prior catch 27 nice red fish to finish 2nd and take Runner Up Team Grand Champions in the Savannah Red Trout tournament.