It’s Been a Few Weeks! Brunswick Georgia Fishing

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Well its been a few weeks since my last report and a lot has gone on. Fishing has been good despite the colder than normal weather and 7 inches of rain we have had this year.
Trout are MIA and I have been targeting only schooling redfish since the middle of January with good success on fly and Fish Bites plastics. As temperatures warm the trout should start to show back up and fishing I believe will be as good or better than its been in a long time. When water temps slide below 50 degrees fish being cold blooded slow down. This means their metabolism is working slower as well so they just dont need to eat as much. Think of it like a bear in hibernation.

We have also had a lot of rain somewhere in the 7 inch range since Jan. 1. The Altamaha river has been at or over its flood stage for several months and the Satilla has been up and is now flooded. Fresh water is everywhere and we need a good north eastern and some big tides to flush it out. I think March will start a little slower but then be wide open as spring and summer come our way.

I cant wait!
Capt. Scott