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Summertime Fishing Report

St. Simons Island tarpon fishing

Large tarpon at boatside prior to release


The most exciting visitor to the golden isles this season is without a doubt the silver king.  The vast majority of our summertime fishing trips we are targeting this spectacular game fish.  Thus far I would describe the tarpon fishing this season as excellent.  There have been a couple of tough days, several absolutely epic days, and a pile of really solid 3 for 5 kind of days.  We have encountered fish from the 40-220 pound plus class and everywhere in between.  The ocean fishing has been very good, and we have also had some great days inshore chasing these fish.

Remember to never lift a tarpon into your boat and please handle them with care.  In the water pictures are far better, and we want to ensure a successful release of these awesome gamefish.

These fish generally hang around St. simons and Jekyll Island until about mid September and we still have some late season dates available. Click Here to book now!


If a short summertime fishing trip is what you are after, and still want that big pull, the blacktip and spinner shark bite has been red hot as well.  Averaging 60-120 pounds, the speedy and powerful blacktips will test your will while the spinner sharks put on an aerial display to rival a tarpon.  Multiple hook-ups and fast action is the norm for Coastal Georgia shark fishing.


Summertime fishing inshore has been pretty solid as well.  We have had some excellent success chasing speckled trout and redfish as of late.  Weather and tides as always play the most important role in where you fish or what you target.  There are still plenty of short trout biting.  There are also some really nice fish to be had as well.  Fishing a little deeper, or early morning topwater has consistently produced very nice seatrout catches throughout June and July.

Redfish are grouped up in a wide array of sizes and have been eager to eat live bait, as well as flies, and topwater plugs.

Flounder fishing seems to improve every week as it will peak in early fall.  The average size of these fish are increasing as well.  All of your live bait options will catch them, but if I really want to target them I prefer to fish a Gulp on a jig and cover the water in the sweet spots.


Please remember to use etiquette when fishing around other boats.  Pay Attention to what is going on.  Don’t throw your anchor in a pack of drifting boats.  Don’t pile up on someone trout fishing.  There is more than enough water for everyone.  Don’t motor around a bunch of boats tarpon fishing, and don’t get on someones 6 or 12 o clock! If you want to set up beside them, go out and way around and slowly ease into position.  Please remember Following is not Fishing!

Book your summertime fishing excursion now and get in on the action!

-Capt. Rob

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Tarpon boatside