St. Simons Island Fishing Warming Up!!!!!

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

St. Simons Island Fly Fishing
Well its cold and I mean cold lows at night with wind chills in the 15 to 19 degrees range and highs in the 40s at best but the only things that really seem to mind are the creatures above water. Sunday I had the pleasure to fish with Bill Streitz and as I write this report I sit anticipating our trip again today. We made it to the flat and slowly moved to get the rods out and Bill got on the bow. As I poled forward a fish shot across the bow and Bill dropped the fly in his face. The fish slammed the fly and after a few min we brought a nice 8 pound redfish boat-side. As the tide fell the dolphins really started whaling on the fish that were coming down the flats. As they shot like canon balls out of a canon into the mudflats in water less than 10 inches deep redfish showered like mullet running from jacks. It was a sight however sad. Fishing continued to be good and Bill landed several more fish and lost a few as the sun said goodbye. Tails were everywhere and at one time I counted 26 out of the water at once. We were cold and it was over for that day so we headed home as the sky and marshes turned to a golden color and I then remembered why they call this beautiful place the “Golden Isles”

Until Next Time
Capt. Scott