Inshore Fishing in St. Simons Island is HOT!!!

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Inshore Fishing in St. Simons Island

Over the past month or so we have been wide open here at Southeastern Angling.  We made it through the windy month of April and early May, while producing solid catches for our light tackle and fly anglers even on the tough tide cycles.  Inshore fishing over the past 2 weeks has seen the usual early summer fishing fall into place.  As I write this report, Inshore Fishing in St. Simons is red hot!

Triple tail

Tripletail are doing their thing and both Scott and I have had some excellent days sight fishing off of the beach.  If you hit them during the right tide cycle for the day, they are floating high.  This makes them an excellent target for the fly or light tackle angler.  For mor information on Triple Tail fishing click here!

Speckled Sea Trout

The trout fishing has been very solid with lots of solid fish in the 15-18 inch range eager to take a live shrimp or artificial lure.  We have been seeing quite a few larger females in the 20-25 inch class as well.  The right tide and water quality is key as usual, and when those 2 factors line up, the bite has been wide open.


As Most of you know our redfish fishery is currently facing some challenges.  With the strong west winds during peak spawn from Hurricane Matthew, I expect we have further obstacles to overcome.  That being said the fishing has been quite good at times in isolated locations.  We had an excellent day creek fishing for them during a recent gale.  We have also ben catching some quality fish with poppers and topwater plugs on the flats.  There are a good bit of smaller fish roaming our flats, and hopefully they will make it out of Georgia’s tiny slot limit and become more reliable shallow water targets.


Flounder fishing seems to get better weekly.  Most fish are in the 14-17 inch range with a few 3-4 pounders in the mix.  These guys are a sucker for a scented soft plastic on outgoing water.  The numbers and size of these “Flatties” should continue to improve until the peak in the fall.

Now is the time to book your inshore fishing adventure.  It will stay strong through the summer months as long as we get out bright and early to beat the heat.  –Capt. Rob

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