May St. Simons Island to Cumberland Island Fishing Report

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

St. Simons Island to Cumberland Island Report Fron May May was a great month and I am sorry it has taken me so long to post a new report but I have been so busy I hardly have had time to sleep! Trout invaded the beaches and creeks and were a warm welcome after a cold winter. We seem to continue to see bigger and bigger trout and the trend of letting the bigger fish is spreading. CCA is finally in the mix with posters displaying a project they call R.O.E or Release over eighteen. Good for them to step in and try to bring awareness. Anyway the flounder have also been steady and so have the smaller jacks and ladyfish which are great fun to catch. If you are lucky a Pompano may give you a tug to as they have graced us with their battles a few times over the past few weeks. Tripple tail were slow for the most part with lots of small fish! Maybe people will realize that they need to stop killing them all so we can enjoy these great game fish while they spawn off the beaches. For the most part I considered the triple tail season very slow and only landed a few fish over 5 pounds however, we did have a day where we caught 19 on fly which is a record that will stand for a long time on my boat I’m sure. There was 1 x 6 boards everywhere floating in the ocean and the fish were all over them.

There are shrimp boats everywhere and with them are sharks and lots of them. Pull in behind one of the habitat destroyers, flip an artificial or live bait in and hold on!

Redfish are also around and since the trout bite has been so good have gotten to see less of the Hells Bay and a little break from me. I have had a few trips for them though and fish have been big! a 15 pound red smoked Bob Seabolds fly on Friday taking him a good 200 feet into his backing and on Sunday Jay got a 13+ pound fish that did some knuckle busting runs out over 100 feet. Fish have been very shallow with their backs up 2 inches out of the water on some flats. Hope this catches you up on whats going on. Now lets go fishing!