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D.O.A. has come out with a new life like shrimp we believe is the best soft plastic shrimp on the market for its size and versatility.  We have been using them to catch redfish, black drum, triple tail, and trout both sight fishing and blind casting. The versatility to be rigged weedless, weightless, and standard allows us to use them in many different situations.  We cant wait to use these on other species in the Florida Keys like bonefish and permit as well as snook and baby tarpon.  They come in a large array of colors and you can get yours by clicking HERE

In this video Captain Scott Owens shows you a few different ways to rig the new D.O.A. 2.75 inch shrimp and exposed a little hidden feature you must know about to catch more fish.  If you have any questions about what hooks, weights, floats, or rods we use just shoot us a quick email at and we will get right back with you.


The new D.O.A. 2.75 inch shrimp in glow!


Below is a transcript of the video

This is the new D.O.A. 2.75 inch shrimp. They’ve changed the belly weight eyeballs very realistic-looking but there’s some hidden features with this shrimp that they don’t really tell you about and I’m having to use a clear one to show you this but we’re going to talk about different ways to rig them they come standard rig like this with the belly weight kind of like the old ones but the actually you can fish them a little faster which is nice and they look really good in the water but de- rig these you just push down on the hook you want to back it out you want to pull the eye out so that doesn’t hurt the shrimp at all now one of the things I want to talk about is we’ve been out catching tripletail with these today and you know the way they came rigged is actually perfect but say you want to fish these for red fish over oysters or up in the grass you definitely want to be out of these weedless so the way we can do that we can do that is, um, is basically come in through the head with a screw lock type of jig and you want to insert this, screw it in, it’ll go right in. And as you’re doing that, just kind of twist it. You want to get it centered, come around and kind of take your measurement where you want this thing to go. And in this case it’s going to go away a little further back than the existing rigging slot, but you’re going to rig these and you’re going to come through, back through and then you’re going to have, that’s going to be weedless all right, which is pretty good looking shrimp weedless in the grass for a reds, trout, anything like that, or oysters or structure, habitat. I know one of the things that’s kind of a hidden feature on this, and we’ve got to use the clear one, is when you’re holding knees, you can, um, you can see there’s a very small spot in here that looks hollow.And I’m not sure if DOA intended this for this to be used this way. But, uh, one of the things that I noticed is, um, I’m rigging these because right now the shrimp we’re getting here are extremely big. So I’m rigging these under a popping corporate rig, which is uh, something similar to this with just a standard kale hook, how we’d fish them live bait style. I’m taking a rattle weight. Um, I use the plastic ones because the, the glass ones bust after you, uh, you catch one fish, but there is actually a rigging slot in here that I believe is probably for a rattle and that will slide straight in to this rigging slot and you can just push them straight in there like so. And then you’ve got rattles in the, uh, in the shrimp. And then what we’re doing is I’m using a size four kale hook.

It’s what we use for trout. And that way we can actually rig these straight through the head like you would a shrimp when you fish them. They fish just like a shrimp underneath the popping cork. That’s another way we rig those for red trout and a triple tail today actually as well. And then if you want it to be on a rattle or if you want to use the rattle, should I say with the standard, um, hook set up that comes with them, you just insert it. You want to go back in with the eye? Do you want to come back around? Come right duty existing rigging slot in this shrimp and it’s going to push right in there. You’re going to see the rattles actually tucks right inside of the, uh, the reading slot, which is really nice. You can actually hear those. So just another way to rig these and a couple of tips, come back and visit us next time sidelines.

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