We Got Them!!! St. Simons Island Fishing

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Tarpon on the fly that is. Long time customer and friend Keith C. and I started a day of fishing off with some skinny water sight fishing for redfish and got a few. The morning was a quiet one with big towering clouds threatening rain in all directions. We were looking for something different like some spanish or jacks to chase with the fly. This took us off shore in the Hells Bay. We headed east toward the yellow cans which is a dump site for ruble which attracts all kinds of fish but with with inseasonably cool ocean temps caused by a thermocline it was a dead zone. We headed north about 2 miles east of “F” reef which is located about 12 miles off the south end of St. Simons Island and man was it quiet and still. Water spouts which are tornadoes on the water were off in the horizon but where we were the ocean looked like a flat piece of glass. As I idled the boat around I looked into the clear blue water a huge eagle ray came gliding by. I was a site to see. We didn’t see anything so we decited to run back south and look for some tarpon. After a quick 20 mile ride back south I stopped the boat and noticed a tail poking out of the water. As my Hells Bay drifted forward a big 100+ pound tarpon started hurling himself into the sky like we either scared the hell out of him or he was hooked and since we didn’t have a rod out it for sure was the first. As I looked around I noticed a few fish roll and then it all came together. Tarpon were everywhere floating and chaining all around my skiff. As Keith got on the bow about 30 to 50 fish came cruising by but we were not ready and all we could do is watch as they roll by. Keith got ready and made a cast at some fish cruising just under the surface and one ate but pulled off. It wasn’t 5 min. later and Keith made another perfect cast and a fish charged to fly. We were hooked up until the fish ran at the boat and jumped and was off. I started remembering last year and all the fish we jumped off. Was it the fly?? The hook?? who knows but I had changed the hook and was starting to think I was just cursed. Them as I got the boat into position so Keith could cast he did what all guided hope there clients do and that is make a perfect cast. The fish ate and it was on. With several jumps and a nice run we leadered the fish and talked about doing it again. I wait for the day so come on back!

Tight lines and thanks to all my loyal clients and new clients to be.
Capt. Scott