The Nerve of Some People!

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Im not going to name names but you know who you are. Here is the story.

Can’t believe the nerve of some people. 1st this guy hires me and tells me he is from Chicago 6 months later he is here guiding out of a Maverick HPX. Then I find out he was guiding in north Ga and builds fly rods. Now he seems to be following me around to see where I am fishing. Yesterday I passed him poling a flat (I showed him) & I told my customer “I bet he follows us you watch”! Sure enough he pulls right in behind me as I’m putting my lines out and my customer says wow you have got him figured out. Then he moves about 100 yards away on my port side & watches me & my clients with binoculars! I could not believe it! Do your self a favor and DO not hire this guy. He is clueless! Find your own spots and stop trying to be buddy buddy with every guy in town with a flats boat! The word is out on you and what you are doing and remember karma is a bitch!