Just Cant Get Enough in St Simons Island Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Just cant get enough in St. Simons Island! Well the last few days have been great with some big fish, tailing reds, and tarpon. As I sit here listening to the thunder from a lightning filled storm that just rolled through I think about the day I had the pleasure of being part of. This morning I headed out with Jeffery for a little red fishing. We only had about 4 hours to fish so we stayed close and got some really nice reds as they came out the grass. After that I headed solo north in search of a few tarpon to tangle with. As I met up with a couple buddies from Savannah they stayed in their boat and I stayed in mine. We got several shot but not much was going on. The day before we boated some big fish in the 120+ pound range and even got a 16lb red fish to eat. But that was yesterday so we moved on. Arriving at new water I watched and as I cast at a few cruising fish I had one roll about 5 feet off the side of the boat. The fish was just under the surface and I was able to slap the fly in front of it and the fish sank out of siteangry. As I went to pick up the fly the fish can out of the green water from under the fly and went air born. I could only lift the rod as the leader was already in the guides. I watch as the fish went one way and my fly the other. I inspected the fly and the hook tip was rolled so I retied a new one. A few minutes later I made a cast at a fish that had just rolled and it ate! Game on as the fish jumped a half dozen times and as I cleared the line I realized it was just me and the fish. This is not normally a problem until you are ready to land the fish and there is no one to assist you. As the fish grew tired I pulled it close enough to grab the leader with one hand and before I new it the fish almost got a Prototype Hardy Rod designed by Andy Millsmileand a very expensive reel not to mention my hand. I scrambled to save the rod and stepped on another! This was not going well and the bad part was help was about 100 yards away but little did I realize they were also hooked into a 100+ pound fish. As I got another chance to land the fish I reached for the leader and got it again. For a second I actually thought I was winning and time seemed to stand still. Then the fish put everything back in fast forward and all hell broke loose as did the fish. winkIt was a fish and a day I will remember for the rest of my life. Tight lines and remember to hire a Full Time Knowledgeable guide. wink

Tight Lines and tarpon dreams