Flood Tides Best this Year Here in St Simons Island Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Tailing redfish on flood tides best of this year!

This year I have see a lot of things changing some for the best and well some for the worst. Redfish and tarpon this year have been as good as we have seen them in 40 years according to some of the guys who have a few years on me in the business and trout on the other hand really got hammered by last years freeze. While trout are making a great rebound and we should have a great fall there are lots of small fish around and some really big fish if you know where to look for them smile but the middle class fish seem to be missing. I will be curious to see what this moon cycle brings in the form of trout fishing as tarpon part ways and hear back south and bull redfish invade our beaches. As for the moon its flooding all week and the fish are taking full advantage. I fished the flood yesterday afternoon and only could pole about 20 feet and tails would pop up al over. I bet it is the least I ave ever poled in over a decade on a flood. Fishing was strong and we got some really nice fish one about 34 inches. Over the last few days it has been all about the flood. The fish are fat and not interested in the fly at low water unless it is in their face and even then we have seen quite a few turn it down.

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