Fishing Reports Good or Bad for Business?

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Over the years I have put fishing reports up for 2 reasons, one because I enjoy writing them and because I know most of you enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures from past trips. I have tried to be as careful as I can when it comes to putting photos up that show where I am fishing and for some of you that is the only reason you visit my site and read my reports. If you are reading this looking for information on the area or just because you are like me and have an illness which is only cured by the outdoors and fishing then great and thanks for all your support over the years. But if you are the other guy then GET LOST!! Because of you entire schools of fish have been abused and killed off and paces I have been fishing for over 10 years are know crowded with boats. You may not realize it but when you fish spots day in and day out for years and never see any boats there you tend to notice when certain boats just happen to appear there or do a ride by and a quick look with binoculars. Remember I am looking back! The integrity of some of you is so low I put you in the same boat as people who walk into a tackle store and walk out with something in your pocket. Because of you everyone will have to suffer including me and the fish. Reports will be less detail and photos will have to show no back ground what so ever. This sucks for me and my friends/clients who enjoy reading and following my reports. I apologize to the people who this in not directed to and I hate having to post negative reports but this has gotten ridicules and needs to stop. WARNING to those who follow me keep it up and we will see who gets the last laugh! wink

Tight lines and on to the real report.

Yesterday was awesome! Redfish were crushing the surface and we caught and released several fish on poppers with the fly rod. Even know the water is cold the fish are eager to eat when the opportunity presents itself. Clear water and big fish! I love it.


Captain Scott Owens is a licensed FULL TIME guide offering his clients a life time of experience and over a decade fishing the Coastal Georgia and North Florida waters as a full time guide. He is located less than an hour from Savannah or Jacksonville and offers clients fishing along the entire coast of Georgia as well as North Florida. These area’s include Amelia Island, Florida – Cumberland Island Georgia – Jekyll Island Georgia – St. Simons Island Georgia – Sea Island Georgia – Little St. Simons Island Georgia & Sapelo Island Georgia. Captain Scott specializes in fly fishing as well as light tackle trips. Charters can be arranged by calling 877-605-3474 or by email. ______________________________________________________ GOT THIS EMAIL TODAY 🙂 Said like a pro Scott Just read your fishing report… and I’m sorry to say that it is getting like that ever where. People coming in gleaning (stealing) information, whether it be by binoculars, personal web sites, or even the forums that are now all over the web. They might even buy a trip or two and then turn around and say that they are guides ! They don’t know the water, they haven’t spent any time on their own to learn the water or the techniques it takes to fish it. They are to f_ _ _ _’n lazy to do it on their own, but they want to be big shots and get “famous” !! THANKS FOR YOUR EMAIL> I WILL LEAVE YOUR NAME OUT BUT YES WE SOULD FISH SOMETIME. Tight Lines Scott