Top of the Food Chain! Coastal Georgia Sharkin!

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Well lets just say it takes a tough person to want to catch black tip and spinner sharks and these guys were in for a surprise. First let me say Jordan and his father had only fresh water fly fished and Jodan biggest fish on fly to date (a 6 pound largemouth) could have easily been used for bait this day. The story is told like this. First find 30 or 40 hungry sharks (check). Then explain that things happen fast and that the most important thing is to stay on the boat while the ocean tosses my Hells Bay 17.8 Pro about and out of the water. Once we went over the rules I handed an eager Jordan the 12wt. which was the largest fly rod he had ever picked up and to my surprise he cast it well and on his first cast the line came tight to a big spinner which leaped into the air and proceded to take about 200 yards of backing off the Tibor Gulfstream with it. The first thing that crossed my mind was maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe we should have went redfishing! But no way Jordan handled the fish like a true pro and with little instruction the fish subdued in about 20 min. Next was his fathers turn and again we hooked up inidiatly. At one point we had somewhere between 20 or 30 – 50 to 150 pound sharks less than a foot from the boat and remember a 17.8 is only about 8 inches above the water! His father fought the shark with atitude but about 3/4 the way through the shark started to break him down and he needed a break. We switch it up and I took the rod which I soon regretted once I figured out that this was a monster and I was in for battle myself but in the end the shark lost. We ended up boating around 10 fish and loosing another 10! What an incredible day! I sure wish more people wanted to catch sharks on the fly. They are eager to eat and hardy fighters for sure.

Tight Lines

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