Post Hurricane Matthew fishing Coastal Georgia

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Post Hurricane Matthew fishing Coastal Georgia

We would like to apologize and thank of our clients who were inconvenienced by hurricane Matthew for their patience while we move boats and prepared for the storm. The storm has passed and we have begun to get our lives back organized.  We (Capt. Rob, Bobby, and Scott) were very lucky as our homes only received very minor damage from some down trees and flying debris and we were able to move all our boats inland to safety. Unfortunately not everyone was as lucky as we were and we pray that their lives are returning to normal as soon as possible.

We were forced to cancel many trips back in August for an early season NorEastern as well as almost 2 weeks in September for hurricane Hermine which traveled through the panhandle of Florida and across South Georgia. Just when we thought we were done with this unusual tropical season a late season hurricane named Matthew slam the East Coast from Miami to Virginia. North Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas were hit hardest with massive flooding from a huge storm surge in some areas received over 15 inches of rain.  We are thankful that this tropical season is over.

Now the storm has passed and we are ready to get back on the water with our clients.  Fishing in the month of October as most of you know is pretty amazing. As waters start to cool off fish prepare for winter by feeding on the abundance of shrimp, mullet, and crabs that are in our area this time of year. Don’t let Matthew keep you away.  The weather is beautiful, fish are biting, and we are ready to get out and show our clients a great time. So come on and let’s get fishing.


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