Using Cut Bait in Jekyll Island

Scott OwensFishing Tips

While some make their living showing others how to fish, or actually taking them to the prime fishing spots, most find it a way to relax. But fishing can also be one of the most challenging tasks, especially ocean fishing. For those knowing which bait to choose, the chances of success go up significantly.

Using fish cut into pieces attracts fish in a different way than whole, live bait or lures. Fish that are attracted to scent are more likely to hit on cut bait. You can use any caught fish, including baitfish, to make cut bait. For best results, cut your bait into bite sized chunks, or fillet or butterfly your bait. Catfish and carp bite on cut bait. Many species of saltwater fish like redfish, sharks, and bull red drum are attracted to cut bait. A host of bottom and reef dwelling fish bite on cut bait as well.

Other effective cut baits to use include small pieces of squid and shrimp.  The most important thing to remember when fishing with cut bait is to keep it fresh.  Fresh caught or fresh frozen always works significantly better and it will also stay on your hook better.