Cumberland Island Tarpon Fishing

Scott OwensFishing Tips

As the water temps rise the Silver King makes its way to the waters of Coastal Georgia every season.  The Tarpon spend their summers here fattening up on droves of menhaden before making the long migration south in the fall.  The waters around the Golden Isles and Cumberland Island are one of the top areas to target these fish every spring.

Tarpon primarily dine on small fish in the Georgia waters, with large, frisky menhaden and mullet being the baits of choice.  Live baits free lined behind the boat or suspended under a cork are deadly.  You also want to fish mid water and near the bottom at times especially in deeper water. Be sure to use stout tackle as these fish do not need a prolonged battle in the nearly 90 degree water this time of year. Tarpon in our region tend to be on the larger side as well with fish in the 200# class released every year.   No need for stealthy leader here, go ahead and tie on the big stuff.

Areas to target are anywhere you spot rolling or feeding fish, including bait pods up and down our beaches.  Additionally, deep channels, and sand bars and cuts adjacent to these channels act as highways for bait and fish through out the moving tide cycles.  Don’t overlook inshore river rips as these can be prime feeding grounds as well.  The main objective is to anticipate where the fish will fall through and set up ahead of them.  When all comes together you are in for one of the most exciting bites and fights in all of fishing.  When you do get your fish to the boat, leave them in the water and get a quality photo (Do not lift a fish over 40 inches out of the water, it kills them, or breaks their jaw and they cant feed,  and the in the water shot is way better anyway).

Put in some time and go target the Silver King in Coastal Georgia.