Fishing Artificial Lures Along Jekyll Island

Scott OwensFishing Tips

While live bait fishing is far more popular in Coastal Georgia’s inshore waters, artificial lures can be just as or even more effective with a little bit of practice. From early morning topwater plugging, to spinnerbaits down the grass edges, to jigs bounced around shell bars, and lightweight plastics around heavy shell and structure, you can fish a wide array of lures many different ways in Coastal Georgia and be quite successful.

Experimenting with different lures and weights is key to a proper presentation and avoiding snags. Natural colors tend to excel in cleaner water while bright and dark colors work well in stained water.  However, whatever you are most confident in is what will produce your best results.  Never be afraid to try something different, or vary your retrieve.

Boat positioning is very important when fishing artificial lures.  You always want to cast up current as much as possible and often a slightly different boat setup can keep your lure in the optimal strike zone for a longer period.  Artificial lures allow you to cover much more water and are excellent for exploring new areas.  A trolling motor really helps out when hunting the fish and covering water.  Grab some plugs and soft plastics and go find some fish.