Fly Fishing in Coastal Georgia

Scott OwensFishing Tips

Fly fishing can be done year around in Coastal Georgia from Savannah to Cumberland Island and many species of fish can be caught using a fly rod.  These fish include Trout, Red Drum, Triple Tail, Tarpon, Sharks, and more.  With vast estuaries Coastal Georgia fly fishing can be tricky without a guide.  If you are a DYI angler then here are a few tips.  Most fishing is done with WF-F lines and most inshore species can be taken with 7-9wt setups.  Trout can be caught on Clouser minnows in chartreuse/white and all black as will as surface poppers early and late in the day.  Red Drum eat a variety of flies both surface and subsurface and love bright flashy colors suck as gold and copper.  With reds think bigger, bulkier  flies that “push” or move more water as you strip them in.  Look around oysters and creek mouths for both Trout and Redfish. Redfish can also be found tailing on flats during larger spring tides.

For larger Species suck as sharks and Tarpon its all about finding the fish.  If you are lucky enough to run across a pod of tarpon have yourself some dark colored flies in a variety of sizes and no less than an 11wt rod and reel setup. Sharks can be chummed in off the beaches and like big white and black flies that imitate dead by-catch they feed on behind shrimp boats.  Do your research on tides as well with Coastal Georgia’s tides ranging from negative 1.5 feet at low to over 9ft at high. For those of you I just lost the tide swing is close to 11ft on extreme tides and runs about 7 ft on average. This happens every 6 hours meaning there are 2 highs and 2 lows every 24 hours.  That being said its easy to get stuck or stranded in a creek the mouth or entrance dries up during low water.  Good luck and be safe out there.