Bottom Fishing offshore Sea Island Georgia

Scott OwensFishing Tips

Offshore bottom fishing is very popular off the coast of Coastal Georgia.  From 5-65 miles an assortment of fish can be targeted.  From Black Sea Bass and Weakfish(summer trout) on the nearshore reefs, to various snapper and grouper species, to triggerfish, amberjack, and cobia, the list goes on and on.

Coastal Georgia has an assortment of artificial reef areas off of the coast, and coordinates can be found on any fishing chart or at the DNR website.  In addition loads of live bottom, ledges and wrecks are in the 90-150 foot zone, several Navy Towers, and a host of additional “secret spots”.

Traditional bottom fishing is done using cut bait on a multiple hook “chicken rig”, or a single large cut or live bait on a carolina or fishfinder rig.  Simply drift, anchor, or power drift over the structure and try to fish as straight up and down as possible.  Its a good idea to keep a flat line or 2 out the back of the boat for and surface bites that you may encounter.  ALWAYS have a jig and or a live bait rod ready in case a curious cobia swims up behind the boat.

Jigging with metal vertical jigs, bucktails, or plastic baits can also be very effective, less messy and will allow you to cover more water.

Offshore bottom fishing is a great way to bend a rod and put a variety of tasty meat on your table just be sure to check the latest fishing regulations as they are constantly being updated.