Boat Fishing

Scott OwensFishing Tips

Big or small, motorized or outfitted with paddles, a boat simply allows you to cover more water. But for most folks, a boat simply makes fishing a lot more fun. The boat you choose should be based on where you want to fish and what kind of fish you’re stalking. Some boats are better on rivers, streams and ponds. And some are best used on large bodies of water. Choose your boat wisely and follow the rules.

Add seats to your boat. Fishing involves a lot of sitting, and if you have anything bigger than a canoe, you want to have a comfortable place to sit. Find the seat that is right for your boat and your budget. It is unlikely that you will need any kind of heavy fighting chair or harness. Installing a seat will likely require you to drill into your deck. Do so carefully.

Install rod holders on larger boats or horizontal racks on smaller boats. These will give you a convenient and out of the way place to store your fishing rods when they are not in use.

Install a bait well if your power boat does not have one. This will keep your fish fresh, whether it is your catch or your bait.

Consider painting your boat. Light colored boats are more difficult for fish to see, while dark boats stand out in sharp relief to the sky.

Purchase landing nets to help land your fish.

Have proper hooks for your location and know how to remove them without causing undue trauma to the fish.

Have the right bait or tackle and a way to store it. Bait boxes and tackle boxes can go a long way in keeping your boat organized. Know what kind of fish goes for what kind of bait.

Have the right size rods. This depends on your location and the type of fishing you are doing.