Landing a Fish

Scott OwensFishing Tips

As your fish gets closer to the boat, drop your entire rod and reel to your waist. If the fish goes under the boat, get your rod tip in the water and follow it. If you can see the fish, you’ll know when it’s tired. It’ll roll over on his side. And if you can’t see the fish, you’ll be able to feel it.

Step 1
Think of the rotation of your arm in casting like that of the hands on a clock. After hooking the fish, keep your rod pointed to the sky at 11 o’clock, leaving only enough slack in the line to keep tension.

Step 2
Take in any extra slack.

Step 3
Raise your rod over your head to bring the fish into close range. Once the fish surrenders, it’s time to land by hand or net.

Step 4
Wait until the fish has worn itself out before you try to net it. This will make it less likely that the fish will get tangled. Be careful, when bringing the fish in by hand, not to lift the fish in the air while it’s still attached to the line – this can rip the hook out and also break the tippet on your line.