Another Successful TV Show with Flats Class Host C.A. Richardson

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Well I got the call do to a show with Capt. C.A. Richards a few months back and we were hosted by Cabin Bluff Lodge and man can they show you a good time. C.A. and I got together and fished on Saturday and the conditions were not exactly perfect for fly fishing with 20 mph winds but we were both game to go and since he made the trip up to fish it was of course on me to put him on some fish. We decided to put the fly rods away and stick with spinning for the day and C.A. being the caliber of fisherman he is was spot on with everything. I pushed us in on our first school of fish and he presented them with a Z-Man plastic and it didn’t hit the water and he was on. As another 50+ fish spread out and C.A.’s rod doubled over and drag sounded we were off to a good start! As the day progressed and the tide came in the fishing just got better and better. I don’t want to spoil the show but I can tell you that we sight cast and caught lots of fish over 10 pound. Look for the show to air sometime in May! Hope you enjoy the photos from the trip and a few others.

Tight Lines

Host of Flats Class TV Captain C.A. Richardson and Guide Capt. Scott Owens with a very nice double!