July 13th St. Simons Island-Sea Island-Jekyll Island Fishing Reports

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

It was another crazy good day of fishing here in St. Simons. Capt. Rob had a day off and hit the sound with the fly rod and landed 3 big 30+ pound jacks on just 2 hours! If any of you know big jacks it takes about 20 min. to land one on heavy spinning tackle. I headed out with Adam and his soon to be father in law and go on them with spinning tackle and top waters. First fish we hooked BROKE the plug in to two pieces and straightened out the hooks! I stepped it up to a owner beast hook and well the 3rd fish we hooked broke the point off the hook and then proceeded to straighten it out. I got into my special “guides” hook bag and got out an Eagle Claw Trokar hook that Capt. Blair Wiggins left me while filming the show “Brunswick Stew” . These are expensive but after landing several more jacks up to 40+ pounds and still having a sharp point I have decided to buy a few packs to use on these bruisers. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned spending thousands of days on the water with others and still learn something myself almost every day. Today’s lessons have been learned and seen for years on TV and just never set in. Watching Larry Dahlberg from Hunt for Big Fish and Jose Wejebe from The Spanish Fly buy new plugs to only change out the split rings and hooks. My attitude has always been “I just spend 20 bucks on this plug, it should hold up to what ever decides to eat it” right? Well no I! I have seen in the last 2 weeks hook after hook straighten out and plug after plug break. No more! Tight Lines

Capt. Scott