Winter Time Action St. Simon Island Georgia

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Fishing has been fabulous this January and Feb!! Larger redfish have moved onto the shallow water flats to get warm on sunny days. With light winds, blue skies, and clear water we have seen some very cool stuff on the flats. Seeing 15 pound fish belly crawling in 6 inches of water has become a common sight while fishing schools of fish cruise the shallows in search of an easy meal. Winter is by far my favorite time to sight fish. I feel clients get to see what’s going on above and below the surface of the water. In the last week the warm temps have brought trout out of hiding. Capt. Rob had a great day pitching soft plastics around deeper holes and some fallen trees with both trout and redfish while I spent that same afternoon chasing shallow water reds. The sunsets have been godly and its just been one hell of a month…. One for the record books