St Simons Island Fishing Still Very Strong as Spring Approaches

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Shallow water sight fishing has continued to be extremely good and we have been consistently seeing huge schools of redfish in water less than a foot deep. My clients and I have estimated some schools to be as large as 500+ fish! They are acting a little strange and swimming around almost as if they are practicing a spawning ritual however non of these fish are at the adult age or able to spawn. A well placed fly or lure will catch them every time but they have no interest of coming off the school to eat. We have been catching larger then normal fish as well in the 14-16lb range and there are more puppy drum than I have seen in years. I can only ask myself if it is just coincidence that we worked so hard to get gamefish status passed for these great fish just a year ago and I am already seeing the benefits or have the killers just not found them? Either way its so great to see so many juvenile fish schooling with so many different year class fish.. Its been years since I have seen 3 or 4 different year class fish in one school. Aside from that It has been a tough fall and winter and I have canceled over 20 trips due to weather but the days it has been fishable its been awesome!!! Crystal clear water and lots of fish make for some happy clients and a happy guide. I hope these fish make it to see another winter and more juveniles come into their little community to get an education in life. Redfish are such a cool fish. When you spend hundreds of days a year on the water chasing them in shallow water you develop a type of respect for them and the fact that their life can be short and hard lived in their eat or be eaten world. I have also been able to do a little guiding with some good clients down in Florida and have included a few photos from Mosquito Lagoon and a few Bass pics from a Private lake I get to fish a couple times a year. Engoy Tight lines Capt Scott